Google Reader + Twitter Feed Fixed!

How to Get Your Twitter Friend Feed working with Google Reader in 3 Minutes… Google Reader does not play well with feeds requiring authentication (Following Your Friends on Twitter with Google Reader doesn’t work; luckily this tweak fixes that!). Here is the straight forward and secure way to resolve the problem of adding your authenticated […]

Google Docs and Spreadsheets | Publish Dynamic Content For Free

Google opens up a trove of data for users to harness and build into their own websites… The Basic Idea: Allow users to create and publish spreadsheets with dynamically updating data online to their own websites. The method used to cull the data is quite easy -a little too easy if you have a desire […]

Google SMS | Search From Anywhere via Text Message

You can finally become that walking database you’ve always aspired to be with Google Short Message Service (SMS) in your pocket… This slick little service has gotten me out of a pinch on numerous occasions. Just last night I was able to send a text message to GOOGL (46645) – leave off the ‘E’ – […]