Get Swype on Android (NOW)

Don’t expect to find Swype in the Android Marketplace, but I’d like to echo Michael Arrington’s call to run, not walk, to your closest internet pipe. The beta of this keyboard replacement app is only available to download for a few days and you don’t want to miss this.

In less than 12 hours (since activating Swype), typing emails and text messages on my cell phone has gone from a chore to more enjoyable than typing on a full size keyboard. This might be the only true productivity app on your phone, and the best part is that you won’t have to keep up with any lists or be bothered by any reminders.

How to Get and Install a Swype Keyboard

  1. Register at Swype Beta. You’ll need this user name & password to install the app.
  2. Click the link in your confirmation email to download the Swype installer (took about an hour to get my email).
  3. Once your download completes, click the .apk file.
    • You may be prompted to allow installation of third party apps in your settings (do this! really, it’s ok)
  4. Now enter your info from step 1 and click download.
  5. Click “enable Swype” and leave the default settings (you can change them later in your settings and they make this claim to ease any fears: We don’t collect
    information you type.
  6. Now press and hold in any text input area. Choose “Input Method” > “Swype”
  7. Enjoy your new keyboard (give it a day) and note that these steps look more difficult than they are, it’s really quite straight forward.

Your fingers are welcome.


Questions or problems? Check the bottom of this webpage. You can also get some handy video tutorials on their site.

P.S. iPhone owners will need to wait on this.

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