Domain Name Forum Review – Top Five Forums for Domainers

After Google didn’t give me the results I wanted, here is my completely arbitrary list of the best domain name forums on the web. Without further adieu from the fifth best, to number one:

  1. The Webmaster World | Domain Names (5,200 Posts)
  2. Domain Name Forum | Acorn UK Domain Names (196,043 Posts)
  3. DNForum – The Place To Talk Domains (1,503,829 Posts)
  4. – Domain discussion forum (469,771 Posts)
  5. NamePros.Com | Buy. Sell. Discover Domain Names (3,380,038 Posts)

The number of posts is as reported by each forum as of 7/12/09. This is based on personal experience and the thinking that the number of posts should be a rough estimate of how robust the discussion is at each domaining community.

Buying, developing and selling domain names is a hobby of mine and I have found these communities to be a great place to gain insights into the industry and the business. I hope this list is helpful to those who are just starting out with their domain name portfolios and possibly to those who have been in the business a long time.

Did I miss any good domain forums? It would be great to know, just drop a note in the comments…

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