Google Reader + Twitter Feed Fixed!

How to Get Your Twitter Friend Feed working with Google Reader in 3 Minutes…

Google Reader does not play well with feeds requiring authentication (Following Your Friends on Twitter with Google Reader doesn’t work; luckily this tweak fixes that!). Here is the straight forward and secure way to resolve the problem of adding your authenticated Twitter feed to Google Reader or any other feed reader you use.

NOTE: A Google Feedburner Account is Required (if you have a Google Account, you probably already have access to Feedburner)

  1. Open Your Feedburner Account

    Simply open your existing Feedburner account and when you see the space to add a new feed, enter this (replace “myusername” and “mypassword” with your Twitter account information):

  2. Create Your Feed

    The on screen step-by-step process will guide you through, it’s really easy. You can add stats if you want, but that’s really unnecessary unless you are planning to publish your feed publicly.

  3. Add Your New Feed URL to Google Reader

    Your original Twitter RSS feed ( now looks something like this: Whatever You Want

Congrats on removing that annoying Twitter DRM!

Hope that helps; I had to search through some comments until I found this great workaround and didn’t see any solutions that were safe/private enough in the Google search results for “twitter feed google reader“.

Not much to say on Twitter, but if you’re interested: @joelhaus

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