Cookie Inflation

Has your website been doing gangbusters recently? Think again. As Comscore explains, you may be just be welcoming back a single visitor with OCD. Techcrunch is covering a mini-soap opera today starring Comscore’s web analytics business. Linda Abraham, Comscore’s CMO jumped in with some thoughts: 1) First of all, we measure Unique People rather than […]

PayPal Mobile | A New Commerce Revolution?

The mobile wallet comes to fruition – this is cool… PayPal Mobile (signup or existing Paypal account required) allows users to make purchases (potentially) anywhere with the text messaging feature on their mobile phone. The trick will be to see how quickly retailers adopt this service. Whenever you see Text to Buy, just SMS away […]

Power of the Web :: ZILLOW Has An Entire Industry Frightened (Part I of II)

Real Estate Industry is feeling the impacts of a mature Web…Is resistance futile? Newcomer,, has raised some eyebrows over at the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Under constant threat from emerging technologies, the NAR has dug in it’s heels in an effort to resist these changes. The Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has taken notice […]