Google Docs and Spreadsheets | Publish Dynamic Content For Free

Google opens up a trove of data for users to harness and build into their own websites… The Basic Idea: Allow users to create and publish spreadsheets with dynamically updating data online to their own websites. The method used to cull the data is quite easy -a little too easy if you have a desire […]

Cash is King | So where does that leave the U.S.?

All signs point to rising interest rates for the foreseeable future… National Debt at all-time highs, a deep and growing current account deficit – the U.S. may find itself in an extremely sticky situation in a very short time. Just today we saw producer prices up more than expected. The Fed loathes inflation and the […]

MoneyMakr :: 4 Largest Portfolio Holdings & Their Surprising Returns

GLOBALIZING Six months have now passed since I started trying to ‘globalize’ my stock portfolio. Results of this rebalancing have been astounding. Risks involved with foreign stocks are greater, so half of these investments were put in two different ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). Here’s a link to a site which is dedicated to this type […]