Atari Flashback Steals PS3 and Wii Market

Unlikely headline, but still a very exciting alternative… A CLASSIC REWIND Some Features: Two-thirds the size of the original Atari 2600 console released in 1977 Two joysticks – and if you still have some of that vintage gear laying around, you’ll be happy to hear this: “Original Legacy Atari paddle controllers are compatible with Arcade […]

Insights Into Foreign Policy by Fareed Zakaria

A Recommendation… Bringing to light international issues of the day (ex-Iraq) is often a struggle in todays profit driven news environment. Although, the need is greater now than ever before – with the advent of technologies that have effectively shrunk our planet, it becomes an ever more complicated place to live. That’s why I’m grateful […]

Web 2.0 :: Zoho Planner Has A Zealous New User

Full Featured, Free & a Cinch to use… If you’re familiar with 37signals’ “Backpack” application, you’ll have no problem getting used to it’s half sister – Zoho Planner. (a competitor of 37Signals) has just released an upgraded version of this personal/project planning application. I found it much more streamlined and less cluttered than it’s […]