Subprime Legal Domain Names

In early 2007, the irrational exuberance in the real estate market was clearly apparent. Many individuals made incredible profits; everyone from the single-family home flipper to the big-time bond insurers at AIG. Attorney’s are now preparing for the legal battles that will ensue from this dramatic fall out. As the economic picture becomes clearer and […]

How U.S. Schools Sparked the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

I’m illiterate, but should an English teacher really fail me? A growing number of Americans say no… …At least when it’s the banks doing the grading. An informed public keeps the wheels of democracy and capitalism greased. However, financial illiteracy still plagues many in the “middle class.” Underlining the need for reform in schools, disgruntled […]

Postlets | A Virtual Real Estate Ad Manager

Selling a home? Thanks to the web, your job just got a little easier… New website, (currently in beta), streamlines the process of placing classified ads across multiple websites. Here’s a list of the sites they currently work with to eliminate those reduntant practices of yesteryear: craigslist LiveDeal Google Base (automatic submital) Oodle […]

Real Estate Pop :: Signs Bolster Nay-Sayers Dire Predictions

Did anyone seriously think this would last forever? Many recent home buyers bet the house (literally) on expectations of continued low interest rates and dramatic appreciation gains. Many believed that a new market reality was emerging. This was due in large part to factors associated with ‘globalization.’ Here the prevailing wisdom said that greater liquidity […]

Power of the Web :: ZILLOW Has An Entire Industry Frightened (Part I of II)

Real Estate Industry is feeling the impacts of a mature Web…Is resistance futile? Newcomer,, has raised some eyebrows over at the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Under constant threat from emerging technologies, the NAR has dug in it’s heels in an effort to resist these changes. The Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has taken notice […]