Stephen Covey and David Allen Present | Free Webcasts

Stephen Covey and David Allen present the replays of two recent video casts to keep you centered and productive… Here are the links and brief descriptions: Forbes Live Video Chats | Stephen Covey Vice President Michael Smith talks with the author of the seminal bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey discusses […]

Why & How “Getting Things Done” Works | A Brief Analysis

…the central principal: Be Trust-Worthy Why Trust is not achieved through mental exercise alone; you’re much too smart for that. Becoming trust-worthy is the fruit of keeping commitments that you make, regardless of whether those commitments are to yourself or to others. Out of this trust grows the holy grail of self-confidence – no wonder […]

Time Audit :: Google Desktop Holds You Accountable

Measure your effectiveness – With Google Desktop it’s possible to perform a virtual audit with the built-in “Browse Timeline” feature. Key to maximizing personal effectiveness is the ability to obtain a clear picture of the activities that lead to your outcomes. If your not satisfied with your results, it’s possible that you’re not making the […]

Research Essentials :: 6 FREE Sites (+1 you may have forgot about)

A quick list of six sites that I’ve found most useful in researching various topics: The New York Public Library This list is not definitive, and depending upon the topic you are researching, there are numerous other sites that will focus your efforts and deal with the topic more comprehensively. […]

Learning at Light SPEED :: Reading Hack

Another great article link from Lifehacker. If you’ve ever gotten bogged down by a massive list of “To-read’s,” then you’ll certainly appreciate the tips Keith Drury gives us in this recent article: SPEED : Reading Techniques This brief overview of how to acquire a “speed-readers” mentality provides solid footing for all of us budding speed […]