Improve Your Memory

Compassion is key… Poor memory has plagued me at times in numerous relationships – at other times, a sharp memory has been a great asset. Recently, the former has been the case. This got me to thinking…”What factor has been the main contributor to these differences? What can I do to improve my memory?” The […]

Stephen Covey and David Allen Present | Free Webcasts

Stephen Covey and David Allen present the replays of two recent video casts to keep you centered and productive… Here are the links and brief descriptions: Forbes Live Video Chats | Stephen Covey Vice President Michael Smith talks with the author of the seminal bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey discusses […]

The Right Tool | Charlie Rose Knows the Power of Questions

Get focused answers with thoughtful questions… “Great things can happen when you ask the right questions.” – Charlie Rose In the realm of “questioning,” few stand out. It is an elusive skill for most of us, but one we can always improve upon. Successful (and rare) examples can be found in marketing campaigns, TV interviews […]

Why & How “Getting Things Done” Works | A Brief Analysis

…the central principal: Be Trust-Worthy Why Trust is not achieved through mental exercise alone; you’re much too smart for that. Becoming trust-worthy is the fruit of keeping commitments that you make, regardless of whether those commitments are to yourself or to others. Out of this trust grows the holy grail of self-confidence – no wonder […]

Hay House Radio | Radio For The Soul

Brighten your day with some inspiration from the authors at Hay House… HayHouseRadio offers up some of today’s most intriguing minds free for download. About 30 different authors have podcasts available, each with multiple episodes, that will store on your pc in mp3 format. Don’t get turned off by the log-in requirement, just check out […]

MEDITATION :: Motivation via Vision

Through meditation we have the ability to transcend our current state of being; going beyond what is. Through this practice we are able to experience what could be. Essentially, if we focus our meditation on something that we’d like to achieve, we can imagine this as already existing. We can then experience the positive feelings […]