How U.S. Schools Sparked the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

I’m illiterate, but should an English teacher really fail me? A growing number of Americans say no… …At least when it’s the banks doing the grading. An informed public keeps the wheels of democracy and capitalism greased. However, financial illiteracy still plagues many in the “middle class.” Underlining the need for reform in schools, disgruntled […]

Social (In)Security | How Do You Stack Up?

Dont’ count on government to save for your future… The U.S. government is threatening the financial future of todays youth. Like a group of dis-jointed heroin addicts, our apathetic congress has ignored record budget deficits, America’s spiraling debt and has effectively shunned an entire generation in favor of temporary, quick fixes. This article, Your free […]

MoneyMakr :: 4 Largest Portfolio Holdings & Their Surprising Returns

GLOBALIZING Six months have now passed since I started trying to ‘globalize’ my stock portfolio. Results of this rebalancing have been astounding. Risks involved with foreign stocks are greater, so half of these investments were put in two different ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). Here’s a link to a site which is dedicated to this type […]