Cookie Inflation

Has your website been doing gangbusters recently? Think again. As Comscore explains, you may be just be welcoming back a single visitor with OCD. Techcrunch is covering a mini-soap opera today starring Comscore’s web analytics business. Linda Abraham, Comscore’s CMO jumped in with some thoughts: 1) First of all, we measure Unique People rather than […]

Google Reader + Twitter Feed Fixed!

How to Get Your Twitter Friend Feed working with Google Reader in 3 Minutes… Google Reader does not play well with feeds requiring authentication (Following Your Friends on Twitter with Google Reader doesn’t work; luckily this tweak fixes that!). Here is the straight forward and secure way to resolve the problem of adding your authenticated […]

Google Docs and Spreadsheets | Publish Dynamic Content For Free

Google opens up a trove of data for users to harness and build into their own websites… The Basic Idea: Allow users to create and publish spreadsheets with dynamically updating data online to their own websites. The method used to cull the data is quite easy -a little too easy if you have a desire […]

FTC = F#!@ The Consumer

Bye, bye Net Neutrality… From the article: FTC chief warns against ‘unnecessary’ Net rules | Tech News on ZDNet For proof, look no further than a situation in September in which hundreds of thousands of people who use the popular social-networking site Facebook rebelled against a new feature that some charged was Big Brother-esque, Majoras […]

Net Neutrality, Political Corruption & Corporate Power | Democracy Undone

Framing this issue as “more federal regulation” is a clever tactic… This week, Senator-R Jim DeMint gave his take on Network Neutrality – I was especially amused at the assertion he has made below: Perspective: Why Net neutrality means more federal regulation By Jim DeMint Published: June 27, 2006 “It would be commercial suicide for […]

This is JEOPARDY! | Online Tryouts

Get your fifteen minutes… Here’s your chance to be a contestant on the ever popular JEOPARDY game show, right from the comfort of your lay-z-boy. Beginning tomorrow, March 28th at 8:00pm, viewers on the east coast will get first crack…read more here: The preliminary online screening consists of a 50-question, 50-category test which takes approximately […]

Password Pain Relief | Share Logins for Websites

Awaken Your Inner Hacker – Find and share logins for websites that force you to register… Website gives you easy access to all those pesky websites requiring you to log in before reading news stories, forums and other various “protected” items. There’s also a nifty plug-in available if you use Firefox, as well as […]

Power of the Web :: ZILLOW Has An Entire Industry Frightened (Part I of II)

Real Estate Industry is feeling the impacts of a mature Web…Is resistance futile? Newcomer,, has raised some eyebrows over at the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Under constant threat from emerging technologies, the NAR has dug in it’s heels in an effort to resist these changes. The Dept. of Justice (DOJ) has taken notice […]

Free Markets versus Free Speech :: Is Congress Putting PR above Political Sanity?

“China-like” economic policies have been prosed by the U.S. Congress in order to combat percieved “complicity in [China’s] human rights abuses.” How ironic…read this article to find out more: Top News Article | :: Congress grills Internet execs on China policies