Cash is King | So where does that leave the U.S.?

All signs point to rising interest rates for the foreseeable future… National Debt at all-time highs, a deep and growing current account deficit – the U.S. may find itself in an extremely sticky situation in a very short time. Just today we saw producer prices up more than expected. The Fed loathes inflation and the […]

Anger Management | For some, It’s Hopeless?

After a brief absence on the old blog, I’ve been inspired to comment on this article published today by the BBC: Anger syndrome ‘under-diagnosed’ WARNING: The first signs of this truly serious disorder appear in adolescence. The study claims that it’s not just “bad behavior,” but actually a serious biomedical problem. I agree – at […]

Immigration Deformed | Wasting Our Energy

Energy independence took a backseat this week as the immigration debate stole the spotlight – I’d like to know why… Our short-term memories seem to be plaguing us once again. I may just be very out of touch with the rest of the country, but I must ask, why all of the immigration talk now!?! […]

High on Fumes | Iran Gives Perspective To The West

On The Table: Oil, Price Gouging, Hurricanes, Terrorism, War and Peace… The party is over, we drank too much and now it’s time to head home. As extremists inch closer to nuclear armament, the west will need to re-think it’s disfunctional relationship with energy. Oil prices reached an all-time high this week – over $74 […]

News Skews | Iraq, Interests, Americans & the Press

The Whitehouse has recently posed the question of how “honest” the press’ coverage of the Iraq war is. I say ‘war is hell’ – deal with it. With this reality of war (which most all accept) aside, a debate has begun that is taking a serious look at the issue. A number of theories have […]

Oil Independence :: Growing Support For A New Reality…But Is ‘Sacrifice’ In Our Vocabulary?

A Timelime of Events – Post-State of the Union January 31st Heartened by some of the ideas put forth in the President’s state of the union address, I’d been eagerly awaiting some follow-up. Arab oil producers – those relying on the U.S. addiction to remain in power – provided it. Voicing their concerns to the […]

Gates & Google :: Three Cheers For the Future!

In the digital world, free speech reigns…even in China. Bill Gates recently spoke out to defend Google’s filtering of content to appease the Chinese government. In his defense of Google’s actions, Gates stood with his arch-rival noting that the benefits of a more open dialogue within the nation of China as well as with the […]

Senator Charles Schumer on Attorney General Gonzales’ “Tap” Dance :: Political Humor

Chuck Schumer (Dem. – New York) said to Gonzales during today’s hearings: “I know it’s been a long day for you. Especially with all that bobbing and weaving, it’s not so easy.” My only question; Why is a clear explanation &/or compliance with the FISA law as difficult as it seems? Any opinions are welcome…