A Brewing Storm | China’s Growth at Risk

The inconvenient truth of rapid economic growth: Third of China ‘hit by acid rain’ Natural law tells us that for every action we take, there is a consequence…problem is, common sense isn’t always common practice. Just last month the Chinese government and it’s citizen’s were probably most optimistic about their new agenda to offset a […]

High on Fumes | Iran Gives Perspective To The West

On The Table: Oil, Price Gouging, Hurricanes, Terrorism, War and Peace… The party is over, we drank too much and now it’s time to head home. As extremists inch closer to nuclear armament, the west will need to re-think it’s disfunctional relationship with energy. Oil prices reached an all-time high this week – over $74 […]

Real Estate Pop :: Signs Bolster Nay-Sayers Dire Predictions

Did anyone seriously think this would last forever? Many recent home buyers bet the house (literally) on expectations of continued low interest rates and dramatic appreciation gains. Many believed that a new market reality was emerging. This was due in large part to factors associated with ‘globalization.’ Here the prevailing wisdom said that greater liquidity […]

Oil Independence :: Growing Support For A New Reality…But Is ‘Sacrifice’ In Our Vocabulary?

A Timelime of Events – Post-State of the Union January 31st Heartened by some of the ideas put forth in the President’s state of the union address, I’d been eagerly awaiting some follow-up. Arab oil producers – those relying on the U.S. addiction to remain in power – provided it. Voicing their concerns to the […]

Free Markets versus Free Speech :: Is Congress Putting PR above Political Sanity?

“China-like” economic policies have been prosed by the U.S. Congress in order to combat percieved “complicity in [China’s] human rights abuses.” How ironic…read this article to find out more: Top News Article | Reuters.com :: Congress grills Internet execs on China policies

Gates & Google :: Three Cheers For the Future!

In the digital world, free speech reigns…even in China. Bill Gates recently spoke out to defend Google’s filtering of content to appease the Chinese government. In his defense of Google’s actions, Gates stood with his arch-rival noting that the benefits of a more open dialogue within the nation of China as well as with the […]