How U.S. Schools Sparked the Subprime Mortgage Crisis

I’m illiterate, but should an English teacher really fail me? A growing number of Americans say no… …At least when it’s the banks doing the grading. An informed public keeps the wheels of democracy and capitalism greased. However, financial illiteracy still plagues many in the “middle class.” Underlining the need for reform in schools, disgruntled […]

Gates Foundation: Lessons From Education Entrepreneurs

Valuable insights are gained by Bill and Melinda Gates since embarking on a philanthropic mission via their foundation. They recently discussed this on PBS’ Newshour… The Interview Judy Woodruff posed challenging questions to the couple entrusted with billions in other peoples money: “There’s been some improvement, but in terms of academic achievement, improved only slightly, […]

Research Essentials :: 6 FREE Sites (+1 you may have forgot about)

A quick list of six sites that I’ve found most useful in researching various topics: The New York Public Library This list is not definitive, and depending upon the topic you are researching, there are numerous other sites that will focus your efforts and deal with the topic more comprehensively. […]

Learning at Light SPEED :: Reading Hack

Another great article link from Lifehacker. If you’ve ever gotten bogged down by a massive list of “To-read’s,” then you’ll certainly appreciate the tips Keith Drury gives us in this recent article: SPEED : Reading Techniques This brief overview of how to acquire a “speed-readers” mentality provides solid footing for all of us budding speed […]