How To: Survive A Disaster

After getting my pants scared off by this article, a search for a Survival Guide yields some great returns…

New Yorkers need to be ready to evacuate: experts |

“You don’t want people in an emergency situation, a life or death situation, to do something for the first time — that’s a recipe for disaster,” said Galea, who is heading a study of the World Trade Center evacuation after the September 11 attacks.

SurvivalKitThis unsettling reminder of our vulnerabilities has motivated me to try and do a little good. With the fifth aniversary of 9/11 right around the corner, aggregating the best safety preparedness resources from around the web seems like a good idea. Five resources stand out, but many more are out there. So, without further adieu, here they are:

1) Scout’s Honor…A Guide To Safe Scouting
(Sections V.Emergency Preparedness & VI.First Aid are the most helpful)

2) In case King Kong ever shows up again in midtown…Safety Tips from NY State

3) The RAND Corporation researched and compiled this report on Preparing For Chemical, Radiological, Nuclear, and Biological Terrorist Attacks – They’ve also provided a nifty little PDF pocket survival guideSaying that this would suck does it little justice

4) Kind of random, but some guy who writes the Urbach Newsletter asks, “Are You Ready for the Big One?” – There are some useful checklists and some bothersome product pitches, but all-in-all it’s a nice peice he’s written.

My Favorite:
5) Wikipedia NEEDS us to survive or it would be so lonely and empty – Here are the entries for “Survival Kit” & “Survival Skills”…buyer beware though, you never know who’s putting this stuff out there; could be the bad guys.
(The external links found at the bottoms of these two entries are required reading too; it might just mean the difference between life and death!)

That about wraps it up. Stay safe and if you know of other great resources out there, please share!

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