A Brewing Storm | China’s Growth at Risk

bio-hazard symbolThe inconvenient truth of rapid economic growth: Third of China ‘hit by acid rain’

Natural law tells us that for every action we take, there is a consequence…problem is, common sense isn’t always common practice. Just last month the Chinese government and it’s citizen’s were probably most optimistic about their new agenda to offset a brewing environmental catastrophe with a $175bn protection plan – unfortunately, there are cumulative effects from our actions as well.

Emissions of sulphur dioxide – the chemical that causes acid rain – were double the safe level, the report said. In some areas, rainfall was 100% acid rain, it added.

If there’s a silver lining to this, hopefully it will be a renewed push towards alternative, clean energy sources. The industrialized nations have been stoking this fire for decades – only recently it’s helped to create disasters like Hurricane Katrina, global terrorism and an economy which hangs by a thread – unless change is made quickly, I’d hate to see what’s ahead.

I just hope we learn our lesson before it’s too late.

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