High on Fumes | Iran Gives Perspective To The West

On The Table: Oil, Price Gouging, Hurricanes, Terrorism, War and Peace…

The party is over, we drank too much and now it’s time to head home. As extremists inch closer to nuclear armament, the Hurrican Katrina | August 28, 2005west will need to re-think it’s disfunctional relationship with energy. Oil prices reached an all-time high this week – over $74 per barrel – and the threat of another nuclear dictatorship has become a very real possibility; our addiction to mid-east oil just got extremely expensive.

With our economy under threat, the military over-stretched and the irreversable danger of global warming looming, many Americans are convinced our policy is pushing us in the wrong direction. Fortunately, an unlikely advocate for change has appeared.

This rogue group of xenophobes has taken matters into their own hands. Concerns over waning power is fueling their effort to send shockwaves around the world. “Who” you ask is this unintentional ally…it’s none other than the Islamic Republic of Iran.

There is an end in sight…an unintended consequence of our sworn enemy’s actions could very well turn into the catalyst which is to help America clarify a way out of the deep hole we’ve dug ourselves into.

Going back to our old partying ways is a bad idea, and the expense may be just too much to bear. Will $100 per barrel be the breaking point? Right now I’m hoping some of our political leaders are secretly attending weekly GA (Gasaholics Anonymous) meetings…If not, it might just be time for us to stage an intervention.

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