Sour Crude or Sweet Ethanol?

Can the U.S. follow Brazil’s lead into tomorrow’s energy reality…

Brazil has weened itself off of an addiction to oil over the past ten years. This should certainly give us hope; although I’m concerned that we just don’t have the will to do the same. As I’ve mentioned before, America’s broken marriage to ‘black gold’ has created a very tumultuous relationship. This article should give you a better idea of how Brazil has turned this revolt against the status quo into a real success: Reuters | Brazil cane brings sweet smell of ethanol profits

Three quarters of new cars now sold in Brazil are flexfuel, meaning they can run on any combination of ethanol and gasoline.

“Ethanol can replace oil and Brazil still imports oil,” Junqueira said.

“The great opportunity for growth is the international market for two reasons. One is ethanol replacing oil … and the other is the environmental issue,” he explained.


Senator Barack Obama, along with Senator Richard Lugar, have taken the lead on this issue. You can read more about their efforts here and here.

With evidence mounting, the negative effects on our environment, national security & economy are undeniable – misplaced focus on the immigration issue (which is arguably of benefit) must be refocused on our energy policy before time runs out…if we put our minds to it, we can achieve it!

If you prefer listening, you can download all of Senator Obama’s Podcasts right here.

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