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A Wireless Mystery :: Boost Your WiFi Network Signal

March 2nd, 2006 by Joel

Interference Got you down? Here’s a tip for cleaning up your air waves…

wi-fi.orgStruggling for months with an inconsistent wireless signal on my new laptop (using a 802.11g card), I decided to delve a little deeper into the problem. The intermittent dropped signals I was getting would’ve driven anyone nuts. Now, the equipment I use is strictly from the bargain bin and with a laptop that is non-upgrade friendly, I was quite concerned – Luckily, I found relief in something that might surprise you…

The Problem:
Most wifi routers and cards use a pre-defined frequency to send data. The standard frequency being 2.4ghz – sound familiar? That’s right; your cordless home phone. This popular frequency is all the rage with the telephone manufacturers. That was until 2003 when some genius allocated the 5.8ghz band.

Due to my VOiP service, SunRocket Internet Phone. I had no choice but to stick the phone’s base near the router – a bit of a conundrum being stuck with a 2.4ghz phone that came for free with the service – although, the savings truly made any of these troubles very bearable.

The Solution:
I ended up getting the 5.8ghz Uniden TRU8860 and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s expandable, holds a long charge and comes with all the standard bells and whistles (not to mention the handset speaker phone that I can’t live without). Since the change, not once can I remember losing a wireless signal. A very clean & simple solution, but expect to shell out around $50 for the new gear.

N.B. 5.8 GHz is currently used with the less popular 802.11a wireless standard – so stick with your 2.4ghz phone if you’re network is in the stone-age. If you’re interested in signing up for Sunrocket (I do recommend it), here’s some kind of promotional code they provided me with: 7189893863 – I think I may just get a referral for it though. Otherwise, enjoy your new & improved signal!

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