MoneyMakr :: 4 Largest Portfolio Holdings & Their Surprising Returns


Six months have now passed since I started trying to ‘globalize’ my stock portfolio. Results of this rebalancing have been astounding. Risks involved with foreign stocks are greater, so half of these investments were put in two different ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds). Here’s a link to a site which is dedicated to this type of investment vehicle; is also a great tool for investment research. Here are my four biggest holdings & their returns to date…I hope this might provide a little motivation to get involved in some of these new emerging markets…but I must add this disclaimer; this had much more to do with luck than any skills I might dream to possess:

Templeton Russia and East European Fund Inc. (TRF)
Date Purchased: 7/29/2005
Cost Basis: $43.89
Annualized Return: 107.6%
6 Month Chart:
TRF - 6 month chart

Turkish Investment Fund Inc. (TKF)

Date Purchased: 7/29/2005
Cost Basis: $17.76
Annualized Return: 125%
6 Month Chart:
Sym: TKF - 6 month stock chart

HDFC Bank Ltd. (HDB)

Date Purchased: 10/03/2005
Cost Basis: $54.17
Annualized Return: 25.6%
6 Month Chart:
HDB - 6 month chart

Cemex SA de CV (CX)

Date Purchased: 10/14/2005
Cost Basis: $47.55
Annualized Return: 135.1%
6 Month Chart:
CX - 6 month chart

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